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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

The three zone functions which psw442 is attempting to program are challenging for ANY universal remote, of any brand, at any price. Not a defense of the Harmony, for sure, but I doubt that any remote which could be programmed by the consumer would be any easier or any better than the Harmony.

We have three Harmonies in our house, but only one has been asked to do really complex multi zone commands. My bailout when I had difficulties (like how to get the Harmony to recognize TiVo remotes coded one through 4 for four different boxes, a situation where a consumer ordered code is not possible on any universal remote on the market) was to simply call Harmony and explain the difficulty. They would set up the commands on my master server based program at Logitech, I'd download it, and it usually worked.

My point is that there is a certain point at which most any universal remote which can be handled by a consumer is going to have a really rocky time of it, and psw442 has passed that threshold easily.

I have also watched very high priced guys at my brother's house working on his very high priced Crestron (controlling a system worth well over $100K) having the very same difficulties as some here have had with the Harmony.

Sometimes I lack the patience and just pick up the remote which controls the original piece of equipment I'm having difficulty with. Works every time.

As the complexity of our equipment and setups increases, the likliehood that any universal command system will always set up well or control every function decreases exponentially.

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