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Default Re: Pioneer Looks Toward LCD as Kuro Project Leads to Losses

Originally Posted by meatyb0y View Post
Maybe there's a bright side!

I dislike LCD's for my own viewing environment. I need good off-axis viewing and deep blacks with good shadow detail. I have a Pioneer plasma in the LR and was looking to replace my BR plasma w/ an Elite 42". Although I still have time, I have heard that Pioneer may share some of their technology w/ Matsu****a so that they can still create Plasma's at equivalent or better quality to what they are doing now (please, please, please let that be the case). This could mean that Panasonic plasmas end up even better, while Pioneer still puts in all that excellent standard def and hi-def processing that I love so much, so they remain a premium brand, a cut above.

Doesn't this give both brands a boost in the economy of scale arena? Maybe this will actually lead to lower cost at equivalent or better quality, and allow both companies to continue to develop plasma technology even further? I'm crossing every single appendage I have's painful.

And then the question of LCD - I understand that Sharp is a major shareholder in Pioneer. Maybe, but what I HOPE to see come out of this is that Pioneer can eventually elevate LCD performance to the range of the Kuro line plasma line. That would be really great, and it may get us further along the path to a good tv being a good tv, and who cares about what kind of hamster is spinning the wheel inside.

I hope...
LOL, I'm right with ya' man! I've been eyeing the Pioneer as it was the only plasma that cought my attention. LCD just does NOT float my boat, so if your theory doesn't fly, it's back to DLP for me.
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