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Default Re: What is the best rear projection HDTV currently?

Rex, I was fortunate enough to see them side by side in the 65" versions and to play with remotes and settings-the 65" models are identical throughout the model line except for the screen size. I could tell enough of a difference to go for the 734 or 833. I got a dream deal on the 833 because they were out of the 734 and the guy knew I was going to get the 734 elsewhere. I certainly did not need the Diamond, but I wanted the better electronics, so I got the Diamond for a 734 price.

I only have one set in the house which tops with the Mits-our Sony KDS60A3000, but it is only 60" and I wanted to go big or go home in the dedicated HT in our new house and I did want a projector. So, now we have an HT with all HDMI, no other wires except speaker and power cables. Amazing to me, an old guy who started buying Pioneer products with tubes in Hong Kong in 1970.

This stuff is rocket science to me. To me, the 73" picture with one of the HD audio formats played on our Blu Ray is perfect. If that was all I ever had, I'd be happy. It's good enough so that I do not look for drwbacks-really can't see any.

Our system is sound calibrated with Audyssey MultiEQ XT, but I have not had the Mits calibrated-I just worked it over with my Avia and Joe Kane disks. The Audyssey program is perfect-you cannot beat it with your Radio Shack soundmeter and calibration disks no matter how long you play with it. It had a little trouble with my dual subwoofers for a minute, but I fixed that-awesome. Plenty good enough for me. For video, even standard def DirecTV stuff, usually garbage, looks o.k. to me now.

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