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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Funny as Harmony says you can have 256 steps and or controls per device...
Perhaps as long as they are native to the device. I think that the issue with the Denon 3808ci is the different modes that it as to be in: Tuner, XM, iNet, USB. I had to learn A-G, 0-9, and several others (+/-, big +/-, preset +/-, search, memory, mode, shift) for each.

Anywho, after the marathon session this morning, things seem to be working smoothly at home with my equipment. I think I'll keep it.

The tech support guy also indicated that a massive re-write of the software/firmware was underway to address most of the issues that I, and others, have ranted about.

Time will tell. I do feel that Harmony is very responsive to user issues. That goes a long way towards making me keep this remote.
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