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Default Re: What is the best rear projection HDTV currently?

The WD73733 is the basic set, and lacks Mitsubishi's "deep field color" and the more refined color and hue adjustments.

The best Mits deal in the 73" series is the WD 73734, which has all of the picture circuitry of the Diamond, but dispenses with the mostly useless glossy black cabinet and some other bells and whistles. In my opinion, Mitsubishi's deep field circuitry and color refinements in the the 734 and 833 are worth it, but the 733 is also a fine set, a huge picture, and if not side by side with one of Mits' better sets, you probably can't tell the difference.

I saw Mits' new laser sets at CES and was not really all that impressed and decided not to wait for them. Also, no telling what the new sets will cost. The 73" is a big bang for the buck, and a blu ray movie on that screen is a real movie theater experience in my opinion.

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