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Default Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Dr. AIX, I understand your premise. But you can`t help but but understand where me, David, and J.J. are coming. The thought that someone like yourself has this kind of passion for music, I`m sure we all could give you a list of what older recordings we would like you to take a whack at.
For the record, Dr. AIX has always done a great job of creating state-of-the-art recordings, but it often takes a helluva lot of funding to secure the rights to create "master quality" recordings of the more popular artists.

The crazy thing is...that many artists/labels refuse to license such "high end" versions, for fear that it will sell like crazy and deny them as much money as they could have made if they funded it themselves. YET, they refuse to fund it themselves, because they have no guarantee that it WILL sell well! Can you say Catch-22?

However, the point is, and I guess always has been is that, the masses do not care about sound quality. It has always been convenience first.
The "masses". by definition, support mass-produced, lower-priced products that are instantly available... inc. fast foods, Target clothes, MP-3, etc.

Meanwhile, the revenues continue to soar for "quality alternatives", such as Whole Foods markets, designer clothing, HDTVs, etc

The human race will ALWAYS support "different strokes for different folks"... and all WE need now is a creative new financial model for marketing BOTH mainstream recordings AND their state-of-the-art, more expensive versions... to properly support the "best of both worlds."

With all the technology that is available now, the High End or AV industry should be growing and taking advantage of this like crazy.
I totally agree, and I would encourage all industry execs to meditate on this one for a while:

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes… but in having new eyes." -Marcel Proust

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