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Arrow Pioneer Comments

Firstly, Pioneer has definitely not pulled out of the PDP market any more
than, say, Sony has pulled out of the LCD market. Pioneer has decided to no
longer manufacture PDP in-house. This is very different than pulling out. By
outsourcing the panels---to Pioneer's specs---we hope to reduce overhead and
lower cost. We will still be using exclusive Pioneer technologies and
assembling these displays in-house.

Secondly, Fujitsu did not supply us with panels. The timing of their exit
from the PDP market and our lack of inventory was an unfortunate
coincidence. A dramatic price-drop in our current KURO line resulted in an
unforeseen purchasing splurge by our reseller accounts, and we very quickly
found ourselves with very low stock.

Lastly, Pioneer is a core developer of the Blu-ray Disc format, as opposed
to being a supporter. In fact, Pioneer was the world's first consumer
electronics brand to have fully operational blue-violet laser optical disc
players and recorders which we showcased at CES 2000. At the time we had an
exclusive partnership with Nichia Corp. which at that time was the only
producer of blue-violet OPUs.


This is from a Pioneer exec who wanted to have his voice heard on this matter. I thought the forum would be the best place to post this.
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