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Default $1000 to spend on 2 + sub

Hi - I *only* have $1K to spend on 2 floorstanding speakers and a sub .. recommendations? I'll pick up the center and surround speakers later. I'm about 50/50 between music (loud rock) and 'home theater' usage for this system (I like to play music loud enough to accompany with drums, bass, etc ...), and would rather get a quality 2+1 setup rather then get a full 5.1 that I won't be happy with.

Recommendations? Will "home theater" speakers (such as Infinity Primus 362, PSB 5T, etc.) go loud enough (with an Onyko 605?)? I don't live close enough to a "good" audio store so I can't listen to many choices . Thanks in advance for your input!
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