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Default Re: Will there ever be another meaningful SACD or DVD-Audio release?

Originally Posted by Butch View Post
I certainly hope that we'll see more from at least one of these formats. The sad fact is that we'll not see anything more than esoteric classical stuff. I'm afraid that both formats are dead for mainstream music buyers.

I just don't see the major labels wanting to invest in the infrastructure to support another 'hi-rez' format that may or may not be obsolete in 5 years or less. Certainly not while MP3 downloads are what all the hip hop crowd crave. The thing today is not how does your system sound, but rather how many thousand songs can fit on your cell phone.

I just wish I knew of some effective way to convince them (majors and hip hoppers) that some high rez format needs to be declared the standard. We should be able to download and store music at the highest resolution possible on our hard drives and then if MP3 is our 'thing' compress them for playback on portable systems.

Your right on it Butch, I mentioned the same thing a while back. The youth are not so interested in listening or really enjoying the music, they brag about how many more songs I have than you. My stepson, almost everyday, changes his songs in his Nano. You would think, once all music was downloaded, you would just access your library. But, that is not what they do.
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