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Default Re: OPPO DV-983H player

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

While you can upscale SD DVD,it does not make them as good as a bad Blu-ray. Buying and SD DVD player and waiting to buy a Blu-ray player now is silly at best.

Buy a Blu-ray player now.
I already have a BD player (Sony BDP-S300) which I currently use to play everything. Because I have a sizable investment in SD DVD's, I am interested in this OPPO for its upconverting capabilities, and all around superior design and fuctionality, ease of use, and handy little features like being able to turn the player off, then later on returning to the same spot, etc.
I really hate the Sony. It takes forever just to power up before you can put a disc in, then you have to wait an eternity once again for discs to load, etc. Nothing ever seems to work right. Last night in fact I got an error message saying "Disc will not play due to parental control level." What the #@%$! I was finally able to watch the movie; but it is a pain to have to use this to play SD DVD's which is what I mostly watch.
This is why I am tempted to get the 983 now, and then just wait another year or two for BD technology to "mature" before getting a better BD player.
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