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No DVR's record in 1080p. As far as Sat. I use Dish net. It has over 30 channels of HD right now. Dish will also have a new sat up in a couple of months that will start the move to an all MPEG 4 system. As far as Directv being the leader that is going to be a toss up. There will be very few channels that they will get that Dish doesn't get, in addition to those new channels Dish already has more HD than Directv. Part of what you will need to look at is does Dish or Directv carry your OTA channels as well as being able to pick them up OTA. The picture quality of Dish HD right now is a little better right now. I happen to know that Directv is now buying the same co's encoders that Dish is using. So maybe both will have the same pq after both get their 2 new birds (2 each) up and running. To find out more about satellite you should look at the sat forums: &
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