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Default Re: Oppo Digital rocks!

Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post
We have three Oppo components, each terrific and unbelievably inexpensive for the functionality and performance we get.

At every stage of the retail process, sales, shipping, packaging, performance, functionality and customer support, Oppo Digital is one of the finest companies we have ever dealt with. We have to assume their future products will be similarly excellent...

Oppo Digital rocks.
Indeed, it is quite remarkable that a small U.S. company (parent company BBK electronics is Chinese) can so consistently produce superior products at better prices than the big boys. No other company has won more top awards including many "Product of the Year"s from Sound and Vision, Perfect Vision, etc. for AFFORDABLE products. Here is a list of a few:
Their products routinely outperform "high-end" products costing many times more. It is no wonder they have such a devoted (albeit small) following.
Why then do national retailers not carry this brand?
Perhaps because their pricing doesn't provide attractive margins?
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