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Default Re: What is the best rear projection HDTV currently?

Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post
We also like our 73" Mits 73833 set-it just does everything well without complaint and almost made a DLP fan out of me. Absurdly bright and BIG, for those who do not want a projector.
The 73833 is from their Diamond series, isn't it? They also have a Medallion series (73733) for about a grand less. This is the brand Costco carries which means you can get it, locally, at a discounted price with a free extended warranty, and a 90 day return policy if you decide you don't like it. Does anybody know what the difference is between the "Diamond" and "Medallion" series? The specs are virtually identical; there must be some reason to pay extra for the "Diamond"? They both appear to have the same 6 color light engine.
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