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Default Re: Pioneer Looks Toward LCD as Kuro Project Leads to Losses

Originally Posted by HT Junky View Post
Usually, in the electronics world, companies spend a lot of R&D on a new product that is superior to existing technology. When this technology first hits the market, it is more often than not, a relatively expensive product.
As time goes by, and the product gets momentum, the price usually drops. A new, better technology comes out and the minus 1 technology becomes mainstream and more affordable.
Todays technology is the top of a very large pyramid of incremental (some larger than others) improvements.
What is going to happen if these new technologies are choked off by this kind of preasure?
If the improvement is that great, then it will work it's way down the pyramid. As more people buy the technoloby, the price will drop. Some so called improvements are not worth the asking price, so they go no where, as they should. Plasma seems to be a dying technology, so this was bound to happen anyway. I'm in the market for a new TV and plasma was not on my shopping list.
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