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Default Re: Onkyo TX-SR805 or Yamaha RX-V861

Having been the writer to have both the Yamaha and now the Onkyo you pose an interesting question. Quite possibly, or at least until Denon releases their new line up of receivers, the only two receivers in the sub $1000 catagory worth considering. I love the Yamaha. I find its sound and surround sound decoding options to be exceptional. What I dislike about the Yamaha is that it's a nightmare to setup and the remote is far from even being average. The Yamaha has a lively, punchy sound that can be a bit lean and bright if you pair it with the wrong components but do your homework and it's KILLER! Plus it's now $899 vs. the Onkyo's $999.00 retail price. That extra hundred may or may not be a deal breaker. While I'm in the middle of my review of the Onkyo and don't want to jump the gun until I spend more time with it, I will tell you this. The Onkyo's menus are THE BEST I've ever encountered PERIOD. It has an extra HDMI input (3 total to Yamaha's 2) It supports HDMI 1.3 both in video and audio. The sound is not as lively or punchy but I could see you mating the Onkyo with a wider range of products. It looks WAY better in my rack than the Yamaha. That being said, the Onkyo is huge, and it gets super hot. You're going to want a lot of room for it to breathe. If you're willing to hold off my full review will be published shortly. But that's my two cents. If state of the art is your ultimate goal the Onkyo may be more current by a matter of days. If cost versus performance is your ticket it may be a toss up.
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