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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
I saw you replied to my message, it is the 880 not the R/F 890 and the code still works. Maybe you figured that out and is why you deleted the post but if not hopefully this helps.
Yes, that is why I deleted the post. I was able to use the code on the 880. But, I am going to stick with the One.

I just got off a 66 minute phone call with their tech support. They took my Denon device with its myriad command list, and spun off one for FM, and another for USB/Internet/MusicServer, with only its commands.

I use the remaining Denon for all 4 activities (TV, XM, FM, the other); for the last two, I add the appropriate scaled down Denon. Unfortunately, this was done behind the scenes, not accessible to me.

The official stance is that the number of commands on an individual device caused a buffer overrun issue, not the total number in the activity.

So, I am content...

For the moment!
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