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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

We have three Oppo components, each terrific and unbelievably inexpensive for the functionality and performance we get.

At every stage of the retail process, sales, shipping, packaging, performance, functionality and customer support, Oppo Digital is one of the finest companies we have ever dealt with. We have to assume their future products will be similarly excellent.

Without the ability of our Oppo Digital 980H to play all standard video, and ALL audio formats via digital bitstream HDMI, our system could not function as effectively as it does. Our goal was to have a completely HDMI version 1.3 compliant system connection, and we have that now with the help of Oppo Digital, even more helped by their terrific and absurdly (low) priced HDMI cables. We do not miss our former nest of analog interconnects and cables at all.

Oppo Digital rocks.

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