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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Harmony was able to get discreet on/off codes for my Linn AV5103, something Linn swears doesn't exist!
Kenny: My point exactly! The ability of Harmony to get these codes and add functionality to existing components is a big plus for me.

Along the same lines, Harmony support was able to code our Harmony 880 to recognize the remote coding for four different TiVo based DirecTV receivers in our house, each seperately remote coded 1-4, but otherwise all working off the same remote codes, so that the Harmony can use an RF repeater to control each seperately. No other integrated remote except the $$$$ Crestron could do that, and we rejected the Crestron because of expense, and because it was too hard for the homeowner to program if we got a new component.

Harmony is not perfect, but it does some things very well. This is one of those things.
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