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Default Re: Transformers DVD looks good on PS3.

Originally Posted by Jast3r Rogu3 View Post
Just got a copy of The Transformers DVD from a friend and I was checking out the movie on my 46inch Sony Bravia and my PS3 which upconverts to 1080p and I can truly say looks great! I really can not see any differance between the 1080p HD Trailors I downloaded from the PS3 store and the standard DVD set. The sound is good but the PCM sounds on blu-ray still sound much better. If you have a PS3 a HD-TV you will be happy with the DVD and not having this on Blu-ray is really no big loss.
This is a strange saying. Everyone downs upconverting but not having Transformers on BD is no loss?! I was disappointed with Transformers because I grew up with them and I didn't like the story line, but it was full of eye candy. This may prove the theory that the average person really doesn't care about HD, that upconversion is enough for most people.
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