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Default Re: Video Road Hogs Stir Fear of Internet Traffic Jam

Originally Posted by Jast3r Rogu3 View Post
LMAO at hd dvd fanbois and anti-Sony nerds that still play the digital downloads card.
Basiclly - the issue of downloads and On-demand is very real and very relevant. On-demand presents more of a threat ,now that 2009 is approaching fast. Many people that never had cable are convinced that the must get cable or sat. service inorder to receive broadcast. This is what will hurt Blockbuster, Movie Gallery ect. Average Joes will begin to rent off of the On-demand sevices rather than go out to rent. I haven't used my Blockbuster card in over 2 years!

Kennyt has said some great things about this concerning convineince. Easy of use and easy access sells today. Look at the success of the Ipod - its fidelity is lower than that of CD's, but it has gained soo much popularity that High-end companies such as Krell, JMLabs, and others are making products dedicated to the tiny little Ipod. It's not that HD-DVD "fanbois" and anti-Sony people don't want to see BD succeed at all cost (although some do) - its just about variety - the spice of life. The next few years will be exciting for technology!
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