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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by i30krab View Post
I'll get a lower priced BR model now and later when the industry releases a high end user friendly unit I will give the cheaper one to my son.

This brings me to the question, currently which model is the most reliable in the $400-500 price range??
I actually went the HTPC route because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the technology (I bought mine during the war for 189.00). Being a computer geek helped alot with this project. I always hear the hype about the playstation, but I can't get over buying a gaming machine for a BD player when others perform better in other areas. The PS3 is probrably the most "future proof", but according to people on the BD forum, all profiles should be able to play all BD's (now whether thats the truth is another story). I hear good things about the Panasonic, maybe you should try one of those.
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