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Default Re: OPPO DV-983H player

We bought the Panasonic DMP-BD30 blu-ray because it will deliver bitstream audio of all the advanced audio formats (but does not decode-you need the receiver to do that) to our new Onkyo TX-SR875 receiver, which decodes everything.

For standard def DVDs. CDs, and all my legacy SACD disks, we got the "not so fancy" Oppo Digital DV-980H, which transfers everything except high definition formats via digital bitstream-even SACD is converted to DSD. Playback of all standard def video and all music sources is absolutely outstanding. We did not feel we needed to go to Oppo's better upscaling player for video, and we needed the sound bitstream capability of this legacy disk player. Great video and all sound formats, all via HDMI, all for less than $200. What is not to love about this?

So, for less than $700 total, we have two players which play everything, AND transfer everything via HDMI. No more analog cables, no more multichannel nest of interconnects! One HDMI each from players to receiver, and one HDMI to our monitor.

You may not need to wait for Oppo Digital to come out with their new Blu Ray is my point, and you may not need their better, or more expensive, players-it all depends upon what menu of sound and video.

We have been stunned by the great quality and performance of Oppo Digital products. Their customer service is perfect, shipping is fast, and even their packaging is high end. Oppo Digital may be the best kept "secret" out there for those who only haunt big box retailers and buy the crap marketed there.

Camper tip: Oppo digital has some of the best HDMI cables available at ridiculously low prices! Also, try their 3 in, one out, HDMI switcher if you need it.

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