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Default OPPO DV-983H player

In the mean time, oppo's latest and final SD player, the 983, surpasses expectations by blowing the competition (Denon) out of the water! It uses an ABT 102 deinterlacing chip and an ABT 1010 scaling engine for upconversion with impressive results. Here are a couple of reviews: (First player ever to receive a perfect benchmark score of 100.)
Since I have a formidable collection (more than 1000) of SD DVD's, this may be just the player I have been waiting for. Besides, I simply can't stand the load times and other "issues" of current HD players.
The Anchor Bay chips are said to outperform Fourdja (sp?) and Reon hands down. On the other hand, there is a very long waiting list to get one. If the BD model is really coming out this summer, maybe I should just wait? What do you think? Presumably the BD player will have at least as good, if not better, upscaling technology?

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