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Default Stay With What You Like [Was: Re: $2500 for L/R/C speakers, what do I audition?]


It is my observation that most good speaker manufacturers (and Paradigm is a good one) generally "voice" their speakers to have a similar sound throughout their entire range, and the really good manufacturers (again, like Paradigm) generally don't stray too far from the "voicing" that made their speakers successful in the marketplace, even when they introduce new and improved models.

What I'm taking entirely too many words to say is, "Keep dancin' with the one you brung to the party!"

If you like the Paradigm sound, my advice would be to stay with it. There is no perfect speaker so every manufacturer has to make some sonic compromises somewhere and these compromises generally result in a "house sound," or "voicing" of the manufacturer's speakers.

Other manufacturers are always beckoning you like the beautiful sirens from Greek mythology, but many, many audiophiles find the grass is not greener on the other side and they end up spending large sums of money in the endless pursuit of a perfection that is unobtainable.

Paradigm, IMHO, is one of the good, consistent companies in the marketplace who year in and year out manufacture very good speakers for reasonable money, not "crazy" money. And there are other speaker companies who do they same, and their speakers all sound a little bit different from each other and you could spend years, and thousands of $$$ trying them all out.

But why bother? If it were me, and I liked what I've been listening to for a long time, I'd look no further than newer models from the same manufacturer as I believe they will have a sound more similar to that which you already like than a new speaker from a company whose products you have never owned.

My advice? Stick with the company you like and resist the temptation of those "sirens" out there trying to seduce your ears.
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