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Default Re: $2500 for L/R/C speakers, what do I audition?

Originally Posted by idahophil63 View Post
Most will tell you that the 'monitor' lable is of higher procduction quality than say just the standard or cinema series. Then steps up again in the 'Refrence' series and so on.
this is actually a useful link for you to brouse.
I've used monitors from many different brands, but for movies...there is no substitute for a floor standing full range speaker! None! I plan to eventually have the same BP 7004s all around......some day.
I think those monitors would be an outstanding addition. And seeing that the center you picked has the basic same driver complement, you really cant go wrong.
Be forewarned though, you wont want to leave the house for awhile, so make sure its stocked!
I guess the monitor series is the replacements for the performance series.
My current speakers are performance series & I don't see them listed anywhere on Paradigms web site but the Atoms & Minis are listed under Monitor series.
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