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Default Artcoustic Launches New In-wall/On-Wall Loudspeakers

The Spitfire Venue, Artcoustic’s latest loudspeaker is an acoustic masterpiece. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at but for its size, is the most powerful full range model in the Artcoustic range. Weighing less than 10 kilos and measuring 500 H X 360 W x 160 D mm, this compact 2 way full range precision loudspeaker is capable of producing extraordinary sound. Due to high demand, Artcoustic has designed a speaker specifically for commercial applications, and this has all the power and dynamics expected in demanding PA systems, with the aesthetics expected of an Artcoustic system.

This powerful dynamo is highly versatile and can easily be installed. Depending on the use of the model or décor of the room, the speakers can be placed so that they blend in harmoniously with the surroundings. With the unique interchangeable screen options, one can choose how the speakers look so they will always complement rather than conflict with the interior design. “Our strength is that we are one of the only high end loudspeaker companies in the world that have the skills and expertise to produce compact speakers that achieve high performance and are aesthetically pleasing in design ”, stated Kim Donvig, CEO, Artcoustic.

The Spitfire Venue’s surprisingly powerful sound was only possible because of the company’s extensive acoustics expertise. These loudspeakers make it ideal for use anywhere where aesthetics is crucial and is the perfect solution for all high end commercial settings. These big sounding speakers are the only choice for bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, corporate boardrooms, professional/commercial cinemas and recording and film studios.

Artcoustic has transformed the conventional speaker with a modern look. They strive for perfect sound reproduction, using only the most advanced technology available. Artcoustic is a state-of-the-art product, a loudspeaker that is among the elite of high-end loudspeakers worldwide. The remarkable dynamic range and efficiency, far higher than conventional hi-fi designs, make Artcoustic loudspeakers the perfect solution. Artcoustic’s state-of-the art product offerings have raised the bar in providing the upmost in high end sound technology needs.

The new Spitfire Subwoofer – Awesome Bass Reproduction

For the ultimate in low-frequency performance, the Spitfire Subwoofer delivers awesome bass reproduction. It is one of the most dynamic, powerful and controlled subwoofers on the market. This new model has a more compact form and durable finish, making it ideal for the professional market, such as recording and film studios, dedicated cinemas and fixed installations in general. This model changes the way subwoofers are perceived. The Spitfire Subwoofer employs no less than four 10" X2 long-throw woofers, and the X2 bass system to reproduce low frequency signals sumptuously, with high power handling and extremely low distortion, right down to 15Hz. The Spitfire subwoofer is ideal for use in high-end installations where sound quality is paramount, such as mid-field to full-space studio monitoring, for medium to large sized professional cinema installations, and for commercial use in bars, restaurants and corporate presentation facilities, including commercial movie theatres. The Spitfire subwoofer comes with an Artcoustic PA-1800: an 1800watt amplifier.

Combined with the Spitfire Venue speaker, Artcoustic delivers the ultimate system for any commercial installation, taking high end audio to a whole new level. is offline   Reply With Quote