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Default Klipsch on American Chopper

I was thumbing through the TV guide & I saw that Klipsch is having a bike built on American Chopper.
It starts tomorrow (3/13/08) at 8PM Central time on TLC (in HD) if your interested & they usually build a bike in 2 shows.

What do you think, Sub woofer style wheels with Klipsch horn styled mirrors, lights & air cleaner?

I can tell you one thing, these guys should kiss the Discovery channels A$$ every freaking day.
They went from building nice choppers (but not any nicer than a lot of other builders) in what amounted to a 3 car garage to being a national brand & making more $$$$ than pretty much all other chopper builders combined!
Jr & Sr might be a couple of mallet heads, but they are a couple of very rich mallet heads!!
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