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Default Has anyone ever heard of Crystal Acoustics THX-Select Certified Speakers?

I came across these speakers on and a couple of other sites have reviews on a few of their systems. I've been trying to find as much as I can about them, but there really isn't that much out there. They have a 5.1 tower set (all THX-Select Certified) for around $2000. You can check out their website here at At first I thought they were "White-Van" speakers, but with THX certification (yes, I know that doesn't mean EVERYTHING, but it does mean SOMETHING) I don't see how they could be a scam. And they look pretty good too. I've been researching home theater speakers for a while now, and I think these might be the ones for me. I'm going to use them probably 80% Movies and 20% Music. Do you think they will do the job? I wish I could hear them before I bought them though. Thanks.
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