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Default Re: $2500 for L/R/C speakers, what do I audition?

First thing anyone should ask you first is, what are you using for your source? Reciever? Pre/Pro? What brand? Whats the main reason for the change? Sound not bright enough? No boom? Or are they just worn out?
Off the top of my head the first brands that come to mind NHT, Polk, maybe PSB or even Kef.
But like I tell two ears are the same. What sounds good to one person may not sound good to others. Mixing and matching is an art that takes alot of trial and error.
I have developed a taste of the Bipolar of which I have a Def Tech BP7004 surround set up. I have a Yamaha rec but wished I could have a Parasound Halo setup or even a McIntosh. The Yam is just a little to bright to be paired with the siblant Def Tech's. But I had already had the Yamaha before I got the DT's......someday.
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