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Question $2500 for L/R/C speakers, what do I audition?

Well I'm ready to upgrade my Left/Right/Center speakers, my trusty Paradigm Mini MkII's & CC 200 have served me well for 15 years but I'm shopping for speakers for a standalone home theater that is currently in the planning stage.

I've understandably got a soft spot for Paradigm speakers, they have a huge "bang for the buck" factor so the top choice right now is the Paradigm studio 40 v4 for the Left/Right & the Paradigm studio CC-590 v4 as the center channel.
My dealer will sell them to me for $2250 which comes to just under $2500 with tax.
I considered the Paradigm Studio 60 v4 for the L/R but my dealer said the 40's had the same drivers & the only difference was the cabinets & they could put out slightly better bass because of the larger cabinets but since I'm going to get most all my bass from a sub woofer the 40's at $500 less for the pair were the better way to go.

I'm planning to get the Paradigm ADP-590 as the surrounds & will use the Mini MkII as the rear channels in a 7.1 system but those will have to wait because my current room is not set up for the ADP 590 so the Mini MkII will be the surrounds & the Atoms will be the rears until the standalone home theater gets built.

What else should I be auditioning?
What speakers can compete with the Paradigms for quality, sound & price?

I'm planning to buy the L/C/R speakers in May so I have almost 2 months to listen to other speakers so any advice you could give me would be a big help.
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