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Default Re: Using an iPod as a remote control!

Originally Posted by CharlyD View Post
I can't say that I'm an expert on UPnP/DLNA, although I'm certainly excited by the possibilities. Also, implementation of these standards is in its infancy, and it's not clear to me what is meant by "DLNA Certified". I don't know, for example, that inclusion of a web page for control is a requirement or an option. Here's a Sony site I found that might offer some guidance - I'd be very intested to hear the results of your experiments.
OK I was looking for a web page like the Denon has but according to that link I'm already using the DLNA function of my PS3 by having it function as the client & my computer as the server.
I can access all the media (Pictures, music & videos) that is on my computers hard drive & display it on my TV or listen to it on my Denon.
I can also do the same thing with my Denon (it can also stream internet radio) & my DirecTV HR20-700 HD-DVR but I can only control the Denon on a web page, the PS3 & the HR20 have to be controlled by their on screen displays.
My wireless router has a web control page I can access with my iTouch also, but that's not as cool as being able to control my receiver that way!

If all these companies started integrating a web control to everything it would make setting up a whole house control much easier & cheaper by using WiFi instead of a high end remote like a Crestron, no wiring needed & all you need is the IP address of your equipment & a wiFi device like an iPod, smart phone or tablet.

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