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Default Re: Where Will the Resolution Limit for HD Video Be?

What I see the following as the limiting factors of HD video

1.) Networks being persuaded to invest huge amounts of capital to produce and broadcast HD programing.
2.) Cable companies limited offerings of HD programs.
3.) A lack of stable standards. First it was enhanced TV 420, then the government steps in and mandates 720p 1080i but the go live dates keep getting moved out. Now we're talking 1080p or 1440P. I don't see any networks, cable companies or satellite companies ponying up large amount of capital to keeping up with the move from 720 to 1440p big $$$$$
4.) An unresolved Format war with BLuRay and HD Dvd. Most people won't jump until the pendulum settles on one format. BUt better there aren't enough software titles to warrant interest. And the prices of the software has down to current Dvd pricing. Who wants to own several copies of movies just to see improved or alleged improvements in resolution. I'd be willing to bet most people watch TV from less than 15 feet, more likely 10 feet. So how much improvement will there be? As far as the average viewer is concerned there might not be enough of an improvement to justify keeping spending his money on the new and improved versions of his HD TV.

I'm not an expert like the others responding but I don't forsee any short term 1080p let alone 1440p programing over the airwaves. Besides who is going to watch reruns of Everyone Love Raymond in HD 1080p or Dancing with Dummies on the network?

I think the economic hurtles are too great and the real increases in the levels of HD won't be justified to the average consumer.
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