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Default Re: Trade in HD-DVD player for Sony BD player?!

I just talked to the manager of our local HiFi Buys (Tweeter) where I bought a Toshiba A3 in November. While they are not matching the CC deal, they will refund $ 118, which is what they are currently selling them for, vs. the $ 200 I paid. I suppose this is fair, of course, they are selling the Sony S-300 at full price. I haven't bought any HD DVD's yet so in the long run I don't feel too hurt by the demise of HD-DVD.

I agree Toshiba should do something for their customers. I'm quite sure Toshiba had a pretty good idea their format wasn't going to survive even as they were selling a unit to me. At least CC sent me $ 100 when they pulled the plug on DiVX.
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