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Default Re: Possible hd-dvd lawsuit?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Well, like I said, this whole thing was bad from the start. So, maybe only the lawyers will make money, but more importantly, we have another group of angry, disgruntled consumers again. Whether they should have known better or not.

If growth and more people enjoying what we enjoy Moose is the prime directive (Kirk, Star Trek, lol!!), then we can not continue to have these kind of things happen.
I for one am not disgruntled (well - the only thinig I'm disgruntled about is having to wait until the summer for my vincent tube cd player). But back to the subject - I'm not disgruntled about having a HD-DVD player that I bought in the "fire sale". It still gets plenty of playing time, its a good upconveter, and - I like the way it looks . In other words - as long as I have HD-DVD's it will always have a use, because I don't rebuy hd material just because of the format. Whatever I bought in HD-DVD will remain that way - I will not transfer it over to BD. Whatever is BD is BD and whatever is HD-DVD will remain HD-DVD. I wonder why people think that HD-DVD owners will be sobbing and that they need BD owners shoulders to cry on. Its not my first format to bite the dust. Actually I anticipated this and went Purple. And guess what...I'm still very happy

P.S. I'm even happier because my Snells are coming back on line - I finally got two of the Tonegen-Foster tweeters (very rare) off of Ebay (they also made a tweeter for KEF-Linn).
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