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Default Kuro Dream Infinite Contrast Lives On!

New Kuro line due this summer, see:
Pioneer Executive VP Russ Johnston said today that his company will continue ‘engineering game-changing plasma technology and producing proprietary components,’ but will no longer manufacture their own displays. From now on, Pioneer will outsource the production of its plasma models, but the company will be vigilantly involved in making sure that its highly rated TV lines will stay at the same high level.
More importantly, this means that we'll be able to see the through the final results of the much anticipated Project Kuro vision, with infinite contrast options. But while they maintained that the next version of the line would come in on time this summer, no promises were made beyond that.

Analysts say Pioneer's strategy of selling "high-end" TV's failed because consumers are unwilling to pay the same premium for TV's that they pay for other luxury goods. As Lotus remarked, their stock dropped 5% after the announcement last Friday, see:

Hopefully, this means 1080p Kuros will become more affordable for those of us who are not in the "luxury goods" market niche.
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