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Default Re: Missing a few progenators

For my two cents omitting the Yardbirds is a mistake. Without the YardBirds as an incubator of guitar legends and band leaders there might not have been a Led Zeppelin or Cream or the Jeff Beck Group.

John Mayall and the BluesBreakers the as launch platform for many greats: Clapton, Mick Taylor, Peter Greene, McVie. Cream(again) and Fleetwood Mac.

Where is Santana on the list? Santana brought the Latin influence to rock music and is still rocking today. Half of the groups on the list won't be remembered in 10 years.

And, the Moody Blues? More early big albums than their contemporaries Pink Floyd.

Where is Jefferson Airplane or the Byrds? The yin and yang of the west coast and Laurel Canyon.

Black Eye Peas? RadioHead(sonomabalistic music), Blind Faith(a group of great musical talent burnt out on drugs), STP you put that in your car, right?.

I'm sure others feel as passionately about their favorites as I do about mine.

That's my two cents for now...
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