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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

I am hoping all the other new audio formats will just die, and MCPCM will become the standard. I don't see a future for lossy compression, I think the new lossy formats should have never been developed.

HDMI has been around now for, I think, at least 2 years. If you were buying a pre/pro in the last 2 years w/o HDMI, you should have known better.

BTW, high-end pre/pro's usually have really good trade-in/upgrade policies w/ the manufacturer i.e. Halcro, Lexicon, etc. So, if you have been essentially throwing away your high-end pre/pro because of new advances in processing, and buying new brands, spending $8 - $10k+ . . . then maybe you should have chosen more wisely with your original purchase.
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