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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

My problem is that there is no recovery from the "freeze". I cannot use that activity. Period.

So, I called Logitech yesterday afternoon. I have a post over there. Here is the guts of my two posts:

1- "I spoke with a nice fellow in Toronto, who took me through the SafeMode Firmware update. Alas, that was to no avail. He put me on hold, and spoke with a SR techie, and the only solution was RMA. I mentioned that I had a week left for a BB return, and he recommended that course.

I got a new one, and "second verse, same as the first". I then did another of his recommendations: Delete the TV, and re-add it. It was simple enough, and that seemed to have done the trick for the first of the 4 activities that use the TV.

Then, I went too far.... I added it back to the other 3 activities (FM, XM, and MusicServer). It is freezing up again! (I also changed the power on time from 30 to 5 seconds.)

So, I am all ears!

BTW: when I tried to do my MainTV activity, the time froze at 7:47 PM, which was correct. After removing/re-inserting the battery, it now says 5:31 PM."

and 2: "More clues for you all... I re-grouped, removed/re-added the Mits again; and put it into a single activity. Worked just fine!

Then, I decided to lower the power-up delay from 30 to 10 seconds. I get the "USB not connected" message. Well, it is, it says so on the screen. I unplug the cable from the computer, and the screen goes back to the activity list, but the time no longer reflects DST, we are back to Standard Time! OK, I've seen this before, and on a different computer. Close the program and start again.

No luck... I plug my Jump Drive into each of the accessible USB ports. Just fine. I remove the battery from the remote. No good, I have to re-boot my computer before the Harmony software will see the remote.

I update just fine, DST is restored, and it takes about 8 seconds for the single activity to complete. I know if I add this TV to one of the remaining 3 activities, I will be doing the classic definition of insanity: trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

I await further instructions...."

The last comment is to the guy that said I have too many commands stored for my Denon! Hmmmmm...

I'm trying awfully hard to make this work. (RF/IR is not that big an issue for me in my configuration.)
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