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Default Audio-fool trends in the industry

OK, here's my rant.

I thought this was a fluke, but it has since been confirmed by three separate viewings..... I keep seeing people actually listening to music on the speaker of their cell phones.

There! I said it!

It pains me to no end to watch this, but it seems to not be an issue to the many young people I see doing this. The first time I saw this was in the lobby of a hospital I worked in. Five or so people, maybe early-mid twenties were listening to some lame a$$ rap on a cell phone. I blew it off as ignorance and went on. Well, I saw it again the other day, only this time it was a single guy listening to music off his phone, and again, let me be clear, it was not on headphones, but via the speaker of the phone!!! The sound in both cases was horrific to be nice, and appalling to be honest.

Tonight while I had dinner at the bar of a local seafood place, I heard a guy tell his over weight date how he'd not bought a CD in years, why would he when he can download an MP3 for free..... Guess what he did next??? Cell phone o'audio.......

Maybe this is a wake up call to me as to how far out on the fringe I am, and many of us here are as well, but I hope to some higher power that there are still people out there who can appreciate the difference between compressed and non compressed audio, much less the crap sound I heard from all these cell phones...

To me, music is important. I can listen to good music on a car radio and feel good, but the best music I own on a cell phone??? I'd rather quit the field entirely, sell all my gear and music and plunge daggers into my ears as I'd rather hear nothing than that horrific sound.

I hope for us all that this is not the 'wave of the future' and maybe we can someday have even better sound with the high def codecs of Blu-ray and whatever else comes down the pike, but when keep seeing people rocking out to the micro-speaker in their phones, I lose all hope and start to wonder if I am even close to reality.......
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