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Default Re: Onkyo Announces They Will Discontinue Development and Production of HD DVD Player

that's right i'm right,all the time i told for this forum the hd dvd is dead or the time is short and the some people argue me and insult me for my bad english and also they questioning my procedence on the arm forces [RANGER] it's just the time to time i'm right and i tell you again some companies is draw or cut producing hd dvd players i think it's jumping to blu ray and i tell in a few month's company like onkyo and microsoft is start to producing a bd player and the hd dvd players existent it's may created a firmware to change the format or change the software to accept both format,i think is better for all and i look the inside the different player's [ hd dvd,blu ray] is a same configuration as the same optics.
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