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Default Re: upgrading old Pioneer DV59-AVi DVD player

I don't necessarily think you are wrong, but I think it is sort of harsh to blame all the early Blu-ray players. I bought many of them, and still use some. I am an early adopter, and as such knew I might see problems.

To be perfectly honest, early on when you needed to do firmware updates weekly for every new release, it was a huge PITA, now I haven't done a firmware update in months and all my players work fine.

I would like to see SD DVD load times, but can live with the slower times. Basically it takes my TV ~ a minute or two to warm up and be ready to view anyway, so now when I want to watch something I turn on the system and go get a beverage and then come back and all is ready to go....

If my Blu-ray player was as fast as my SD DVD players, then I'd still be waiting for the display to warm up.
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