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Unhappy Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

Then again, I just might take it back! Yesterday, I had problems getting the monitor to show the XM stations after I used the Presets. Quite a lag, if the monitor changed at all. (The Denon3080ci display was fine). So, I had been away a week, and I connected the remote and did the Update Device function.

Things went south real fast! Now, any activity that uses the Main TV freezes the Harmony One. The broadcasting icon never goes away, and the time freezes. I cannot press any other buttons, the backlighting stays on.... It is quite stuck!

Did all the things I thought I should do: remove the battery, update the firmware, etc. Activities that do not use the main TV (MBR or FAM TV, Phono) are fine.

I have a few days left to return it to BB, and go back to my trusty MX-500. I'll call tech support tonight, but according to the Logitech forums, I am not going to be happy!
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