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Default Re: Scalers for 4k projectors

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I have a question for you guys on the cutting edge...

You can now buy 4k projectors from the likes of Digital Projections and Sony for use at home but how do you best scale 1080p (and other lower resolutions) up to that native resolution?

Do you need access to movies in 4k from the studio to make it worthwhile? OR is it better to have more pixels no matter what.

Many of the people who have seen one of our upcoming installs (waiting for it to run and 90 days to pass from the run date in Arch Digest) has a 4k projector in it at home. Very cool... He has some access to native files from the studios however.

From what I remember reading about the Sony, it has a built-in scaler. I am assuming it is very good based on the price of the projector. Also, I don't think anyone is making a 4k scaler for the consumer right now.
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