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Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Sorry I missed this.

Just use the On Screen Display to do the update.
Press Menu, go to manual setup, option setup, firmware update & then select check for firmware update, if it finds a new update select start & it will update.
Note that Denon recommends this be done through a wired connection not WiFi.
Thanks, I did the update, a few different values show up for a few of the settings. BUT.

The XM info displayed on the TV is quite out-of-sync with that on the Denon display. The Denon display reflects the proper channel/song/artist information. It is with the "presets". As soon as I press one of the band letters A-G, the TV display is overlaid wth the preset menu for that band, then the number 1-8 highlights that preset, and the station starts playing, the overlay disappears from the TV, and the Denon display shows the proper information. However, the TV can be 1 to 5 seconds behind in changing the channel/song/artist. It sometimes doesn't even show up before the "screen saver" blacks out the monitor. If I hit the right button (category search), and let it time-out, the monitor will then show the proper info.

This was not there with version 1.28 (my version before 1.69). The synchronization was immediate. (It seems my HyperTerm session is still up-to-date.)

Anyone else have that problem? (I have not tried vTuner nor AM/FM to see if it is as bad.)

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