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Default Re: Is anyone watching HBO's In Treatment


My wife and I watch every show! Considering they base a show on emotional illness, they
are doing a great job but I must take issue with the Dr. getting too friendly with the patients, they call him by his first name, and they know way too much about his personal life. In real life if anyone encounters a shrink acting like this run don't walk out of their office. Therapy is strictly about the patient while the Dr. sits and listens and evaluates only interjecting at a time deemed suitable to get the patient to expand on a subject the Dr. thinks will point the way to the patient's core problems.

Like I said I still give HBO credit for tackling a subject that most people ignore and will never seek psychiatric treatment of any type no matter how severe their suffering.

Neuroses alone causes billions of dollars worth of missed work and related problems in the USA, and that's not including psychoses which is far worse. It's a real shame because mental illness is not considered as important as physical illness and in many cases mental illness is far worse!

Maybe this new series will help some people see the light and seek treatment.

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