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Smile Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records

Dr. AIX, I understand your premise. But you can`t help but but understand where me, David, and J.J. are coming. The thought that someone like yourself has this kind of passion for music, I`m sure we all could give you a list of what older recordings we would like you to take a whack at.

However, the point is, and I guess always has been is that, the masses do not care about sound quality. It has always been convenience first. And the fact we had the DVD - A/SACD war, and now the SONY/TOSHIBA mess, the AV industry continues to shoot itself in the foot. I know, I`m tired of it.

With all the technology that is available now, the High End or AV industry should be growing and taking advantage of this like crazy. But, I`ll just have to wait and hope that some artist that I like will come to you, to record his music, then I`ll be happy!!
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