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Default Re: Record Labels Ignore Blu-ray Format To Replace The Ailing CD

Kennyt, you beat me to the news about NIN's most recent (and very exciting!) release. But I'll expand on that point:

The record industry is full of people like Bruce Willis in "The Sixth Sense" -- they're dead, but they haven't realized it yet. I agree that releasing music in the Blu-Ray format would be a smart move for these companies, but these guys haven't made a smart move in 15 years and I wouldn't expect them to start anytime soon. Instead, I'll rely on artists themselves to push the field forward. Bands like Radiohead and NIN have seen the light, are embracing the new reality, and are profiting for it. It's asking a lot of the old behemoths, but perhaps these pioneering bands will light a fire under someone's rear. If nothing else, maybe other artists will follow suit on their own.

For the record companies, it's already too late. They needed to be pushing this years ago as a viable, exciting, enhanced alternative to CD/.mp3/iTunes. Even if they took the OP's advice, which is sound, they're too far behind to make Blu-Ray audio anything more than a novelty product.

It's a shame, but I'm glad to see the dinosaurs fall. They're out of touch with reality and no longer relevant. Good riddance.

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