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Default Re: Record Labels Ignore Blu-ray Format To Replace The Ailing CD

Hey Jerry,

I agree 100% with you that Blu-ray lossless high-res audio is a carrier format that can provide consumers with DVD-A/SACD quality audio and do so on equipment that they'll already own with the convenience of HDMI etc. I own the David Matthews 24/96 (Dolby TrueHD) BD title and it's a revelation of high-end audio bliss. Buying all my favorite music titles in high-res lossless on BD is now a lust-driven passion for me. Diana Krall... please oh please...

The one catch with "music only" Blu-ray Discs that I can see is that many BD players are designed to opperate with the aid of an active (turned on) display. The PS3, for instance, has no direct-track play/pause/stop/FW/RV buttons on the disc and it's probably not an isolated player in that regard. And so far, BD software is designed with menu navigation in mind (the David Matthews BD forces you through the obligatory FBI warnings and menu-options to get you to actual music)... and BD players are geared towards that mode of opperation.

For "music only" BD titles to work properly hardware and software authoring need to work out solutions that don't require users to have to turn on their TV screen.

I know in the case of my PS3 and Marantz 8002 recevier hookup... if I don't turn on the projector, I don't get audio sent through the HDMI! That would stiffle the ability to easily listen to music-only BD titles... I wouldn't want to burn PJ bulb hours to do it.

I don't think that this issue of having to "turn on the TV" to listen to a BD music title is a deal-breaker, nor do I think that it's a problem that can't be solved. But it's a hinderance that should be teased out so that the hardware manufacturers and software vendors can smooth out these wrinkles as quickly as possible.

Ideally, without turning on my display, I should be able to pop in a "music only" Blu-ray title and hit "play" just like I do with a CD. No menu-navigation should be required.

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