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Default Re: Fire Sales - where's the best! has sold out of the $79.99 A3's; but my local store still has a big stack of them. Funny how it was being sold side by side with the regular Toshiba DVD player for $99.99 (now $69.99). Even when they could get 7 total free HD-DVD movies, customers would prefer to pay more for a product that does less without the free movies! Go figure!
An employee now tells me that they may drop the price to $49.99 if they still don't sell; and even though the rebate is over, that still includes the two free movies in the box!
There are no CC's around here; but I'm sure they are worth checking for deals on returned A35's. I suspect plenty of existing titles will be available on Ebay (for much less than the price of a regular DVD) for some time to come.

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