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Default Re: Parks Says High-End Entertainment Business to Double in Next Five Years

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
I`m definitely not ready for HTPC. The whole idea of merging computers and A/V equipment together, is still very scary together. I still feel they should be separate. But I see, that is not going to happen.
At one time I believed they belonged in separate worlds also. I got hooked when I started upconverting about 6 years ago. Have there been problems - many (one of the worst was electronic noise - but even it has disappeared)!!!! If you are a tech geek, you learn to live with these and ajust - kinda like bluray and the profile thing - but thats another post My HTPC has had hiccups and such, but now it's very reliable and plays whatever I want without a blink (unless theres a software problem that has to be patched). Other than that, no hardware problems whatsoever. The convinence factor launched me into HTPC also. After hurricanes - if my antenna is still standing (and it has been for a while) - I can start watching the News or other programs - in HD, I don't have to wait for 2 to 8 weeks for cable to fix everything (anyone remember Hurricane Ivan). I pick up OTA HD with my antenna directly into my HTPC. I can record and do a number of things - It has served as my emergancy preamp. And one good thing about it - I can always - and I mean always, fix it. I'm ok with audio gear, but the parts issue comes into play. I can always find parts for my PC and or get better parts. It's become a dear friend to me and a welcome part to my system - hiccups and all. Its kinda like a wife backwards - wives tend to get out of shape, get gray hair, and go through other changes as they grow older, but you still love them the same if not more, HTPC's get more into shape the older they get, and you still love them too. Try one in a small system one day just for laughs - you just may be surprised.
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